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Next Chapter

In 2016

…Sun Valley Community Church launched a new initiative called The Next Chapter, which will expand on what God is already doing in and through us. It’s about investing in our friends, facilities, and future. The potential is astounding! If we can complete the goals outlined here, our church will be poised to reach tens of thousands in Jesus’ name – people like you and like me.

Please pray about your part in this initiative. The Next Chapter in our story as a church means it’s the next chapter in your story because you’re the church. Every number represents individual lives that will be changed as a result of our investment.

Our History
Generous Giving / $250,000

The Sun Never Sets on what God is doing
through the Ministry of SV Missions

Each year, Sun Valley takes a special offering to help one of our signature partners advance their work. As part of The Next Chapter initiative, we will be giving $250,000 to expand the ministry of Orchard Africa.

East Mesa

When Harvest Community Church first launched, Sun Valley asked members of the congregation to consider making Harvest their new church home. Through much prayer and consideration, Sun Valley was given the opportunity to work with Harvest once again, adopting them into the Sun Valley family as the East Mesa campus. Located next to the rapidly expanding Eastmark development, the East Mesa campus has a solid community and the same heart to help people meet, know, and follow Jesus.

Over the next few years, Sun Valley will:

-Upgrade the facilities, parking, roadway, and landscape to accommodate new families from the growing Eastmark community.
-Incorporate audio and visual technology to create a consistent experience across all Sun Valley campuses.

Casa Grande

Through the great generosity of a family, Sun Valley was able to expand to Casa Grande in 2012. For the last 5 years, faithful volunteers have set up and torn down the campus every Sunday at a local school to create an environment for their friends and neighbors to hear the message of how Jesus is still changing lives. In spite of facility limitations, this faithful community has seen more and more of their friends baptized each year. We believe that an established facility will pave the way for rapid growth and impact in this community.

In September 2017, we accomplished the following:

– Moved from the high school facility into the first 24/7 facility.
– Provided furnishing and technology for the new facility.
– Had a successful grand opening of the new campus with an average weekly attendance of 479 people.


Originally built in 1977, and expanded in 1987, the strategically located Tempe campus has been used to reach several generations with the gospel in Tempe and the surrounding communities. In 2011, Bethany church merged with Sun Valley and together we have seen God do the incredible work of reaching hundreds of new families. Our vision is to see the campus revitalized with a new open courtyard, renovated children’s spaces, a coffee shop, and a fresh upgrade to the building exteriors. Located within 10 minutes of almost 1 million people, we believe God is going to continue the legacy of reaching those far from Him through his people in this place.

To reach the surrounding community, Sun Valley will:

– Reconstruct the entryway for an open and engaging guest experience campus wide, including a new coffee shop.
– Remodel children’s spaces with new theming, and building renovations for the growing community of young families.
– Upgrade existing building with new technology and exterior finishing.
– Market for a grand opening of the renovated campus to the surrounding community.


In 2007, we began expanding our Gilbert Campus to accommodate the rapid growth of the church. Since the time, we have seen thousands of people from the community say “yes” to following Jesus. In 2016, we completed the project by moving all offices to a central space and expanding the interior of the Student Center to better help the next generation meet, know, and follow Jesus.

Since the start of the Next Chapter Initiative, we have:

– Completed the final phase of the building project that we began in 2007 with building out 15,000 square feet of unfinished space.
– Expanded space for our rapidly growing student ministry to better reach the next generation.
– Renovated the current children’s space, including new theming to further engage children and new families.

Queen Creek

Through a partnership with Canyon State Academy, Sun Valley has the opportunity to meet in the very heart of Queen Creek. Surrounded by one of the fastest growing communities, this campus has provided an opportunity for those currently commuting from San Tan and Queen Creek, and also opened the door to thousands of people without a church home and for future residents.

In 2017, Sun Valley:

– Launched the Queen Creek campus with an average of 1256 in weekend attendance.
– Furnished the building with 700 seats to serve as a worship auditorium.
– Provided a designated area for children, student, and adult spaces.
– Provided necessary audio and visual technology.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to review these goals for The Next Chapter initiative and for praying about what God would have you do in addition to your normal giving. My family and I are giving above and beyond, and I'm asking you to do the same.

Of all these numbers, the most important is 100. If 100% of all who call Sun Valley their church home get involved, we'll have no problem accomplishing this initiative. Every gift is significant, so be faithful to whatever God asks you to do.

I love our church family and I'm grateful to be your Pastor.
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