456 Weekend Services
& Parenting Resources

  • Teaching & Worship Video | October 24/25
  • Parent Cue | For Parents of 456 Kids
Talking to Your Kids About Racism:
  • Why You Need to Talk About Race With Your Kids (Podcast)
  • Raising Kids Who Will Initiate Racial Equality (Blog)
  • Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Talking To Your Kids About Racism (Blog)
Additional Resources:
  • SV Kids YouTube Channel
  • SV Kids Instagram Page
  • Yes! Booklet for Kids
  • Yes! Parent Conversation Guide for Kids
  • Parent Cue App
  • Parent Cue Live Podcast
  • Phases Timeline
Recommended Reads:
  • Anxiety Conversation Guide for Elementary Age Kids
  • Parent Cue Blog
  • Book - Don’t Miss it: Parenting Like Every Week Counts
  • Book - Parenting Through the Phases