Doesn’t a pastor have to do a baptism? 

No. Anyone who is a baptized believer can baptize someone who has said Yes to Jesus at Sun Valley. 

What do I say during a baptism?

When you register to be baptized at, a bag will be delivered to your home. We will send you a laminated copy of what to say while you are in the water as well as a page of instructions with a video explaining how to do a baptism.

Do I get a t-shirt? 

Yes. We will deliver a bag to your house that includes a t-shirt for the person being baptized and the person doing the baptism. You will be able to enter shirt sizes when you register for baptism at 

Why should I be baptized?

The act of baptism by immersion outwardly expresses the inward decision you already made to say Yes to following Jesus. Baptism is a public way we can share with others the change Jesus has made in your life. At Sun Valley, baptism is a celebration! We also ask you to share pictures and videos of your baptism on social media as you make your decision to follow Jesus public.

Can I baptize my infant or what age should I baptize my child?

At Sun Valley, we wait for a child to understand what it means to say Yes to Jesus. Every child’s level of understanding is different, so a good way to determine that is by attending a Kid’s baptism class. You can register for the Kid’s baptism class below.

Where could we do the baptism?

You can be baptized in any body of water that is deep enough to immerse a person underwater. A pool, hot tub, lake, river, ocean, etc. are great examples. 

Can more than one person help with my baptism?

Yes. You can have multiple family members or friends help with your baptism.